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What does CITUS mean?

CITUS, meaning "faster" in Greek, believes that the value of any technology does not lie in the technology itself, and that its value will not be recognized until it is utilized to benefit our lives.

With its corporate philosophy of the "development of people-oriented technology benefiting mankind"
CITUS is more than happy to realize its corporate mission of being a world leader in cutting-edge technology by providing more innovative and advanced technology faster, in an age of ever-changing digital technology.

CITUS, meaning "location" in Latin, is intended to signify our involvement in the business of physical location, i.e. space, including the world and its geography, and "time", including the present and the future, to provide products and services that respond to conceptual locations, such as social trends, and whats in our customers minds, as well as their actual location.

We are always with you
In other words, the expression of a sense of closeness, i.e.
"Our products and services are always there for our customers.
This means that our products and services are daily necessities/an essential service that you can use easily and conveniently regardless of time and location.


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