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  About us

Company name
CITUS Co., Ltd (www.citus.co.kr)
Adress Room #5, 15th floor, SJ Techno Ville, 60-19, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul
Phone 02-2100-3900
CEO Lee Joon-Pyo
Date of incorporation 2000/02/15
Number of imployees 100 staff

Management philosophy
The management philosophy of Citus, which is its social raison d'etre and determines the direction of its
management, starts with "Hong-ik-in-gan," i.e. devotion to the welfare of mankind.

The gist of Hong-ik-in-gan is respect for the individual members of the organization, who are fulfilling their duties faithfully so that the small boat that is Citus can sail on the right course, this goes hand in hand with respect for customers, and for that matter all mankind.

To make this reality, Citus not only treats its employees fairly, offering them constant support for their own self-development, bit also creates an environment in which they can display their abilities to the fullest. Further, Citus does its best to develop better products, so as to improve the quality of life for its customers and for all society.

Business areas
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1512 SJ Technovill 60-19 Gasan-Dong, Geumchun-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
TEL:82-2-2109-3900 FAX : 82-2-2109-3922
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