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What is ROUSEN ezWings ?

ROUSEN ezWings is a new product created by combining ezWings, which is the navigation brand for notebooks with ROUSEN, enabled by Citus world class technology. This dynamic car-navigation system makes it possible to upgrade both the map and the program over the internet, use radio communication to receive real-time traffic information, and send maps. You can use ROUSEN ezWings to take advantage of the hard disk capacity, wide screen, and fast data processing of a notebook, and use your own notebook without having to buy an additional navigation device so as to build an economical navigation system.

ROUSEN ezWings Key Featues

  • Convenient user interface
    • You can use the keyboard numbers to operate the menus. It also adopts a convenient user interface, using an input device independently developed by Citus to input characters simply.
    • You can use the menu on/off function to configure the screen the way you want it.

  • Diverse location information searches (10 search methods)
    • It provides a number of different location search functions, such as address, name, business type, phone number, registered place, longitude and latitude, radius, region, keyword, and map move search.

  • 4 different methods of route to destination search
    • recommended route, highway, normal road, shortest distance

  • Functions for convenient driving
    • hot route search function
    • surveillance camera emergency input function
    • tidal information function
    • automatic map magnification
    • automatic adjustment of map levels according to driving speed
    • perimeter search while driving
    • map print function

  • User input function for saving according to user preferences
    • automatic saving of travel routes and separate saving of preferred routes
    • registered place and emergency location input function

ROUSEN ezWings Screenshots


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