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What is ROUSEN PDA ?

ROUSEN PDA software was developed for a typical mobile device with all the normal PDA functions, but with an additional GPS function to be used for pedestrian navigation. In other words it incorporates car navigation software optimized for the PDA environment.
ROUSEN PDA will help you find your location and navigate not only in your car but on foot as well, and you can also use it outdoors for activities like hiking and fishing.

ROUSEN PDA Key Featues

  • Free switching between portrait and landscape modes
    • ROUSEN PDA provides a user-oriented UI (only available in PDAs capable of switching to landscape mode)
    • It doesnt just offer portrait mode, which is the normal orientation for a PDA, but also landscape mode, which enables screen split, main road junction maps, and a highway split screen, thereby making it more intuitive.

  • Arrow key setup function
    • ROUSEN PDA uses the arrow keys common to most PDAs to allow a customized key setup function.

  • Pedestrian mode function
    • Owners of a PDA with built-in GPS can use the product while walking as well as driving. The interface allows you to determine the destination and check the direction and distance, together with your current location and direction.

  • Outdoor function
    • ROUSEN PDA provides astronomical information useful for outdoor activities like hiking and fishing (todays date, sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset and constellations).

ROUSEN PDA Screenshots

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