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í▄ What is ROUSEN R2 ?

ROUSEN R2 is the first navigation software to incorporate an artificial intelligence engine. It features an artificial intelligence function that automatically learns the userí»s normal patterns, such as routes favored, most frequently searched data, and frequently used menus; it then reflects what it has learned into its route directions and UI, thereby opening up a whole new horizon in navigation software. It offers better graphics, an ergonomically redesigned and scientific UI, easier-to-understand route information, detailed safety information (with the userí»s best interests in mind), and reinforced themed subject groupings to enrich the search function.

í▄ ROUSEN R2 Key Featues
  • Route learning
    • Provides a route search customized to individual tastes
    • Memorizes and learns habitually used locations, and shows drivers the best way to get there
    • After arrival at the destination and the end of the information service, it will remember and learn the destination, and provide automatic route information all the way to it on your next visit.

  • Detection of intentional route deviation
    • When the user intentionally deviates from the advised route, avoiding the suggested national road and accesses to the highway, it automatically judges whether the deviation was intentional, and applies a new route search option when searching for the route again.

  • Dynamic Routing
    • It periodically looks at the estimated arrival time, makes changes to the time required for individual sections, automatically determines congested sections and the degree of congestion, and searches again for the optimal route.

  • Automatic sorting of interim points
    • When multiple interim points are selected, they are automatically calculated into the search to give the best route
    • Saves time and maximizes route guidance efficiency by ensuring that the best route is chosen.
    • When the interim point function is used to set a route, it automatically sorts the sequence for the points by calculating the shortest distances.

  • Intelligent map-matching
    • If the car is on an elevated section of road, and there is another road immediately below it, the software assesses the situation and provides the appropriate guidance, preventing map-matching errors.

  • Intelligent integrated search
    • The largest available dataset is used to provide the highest quality search results.
    • A truly intelligent search incorporating full understanding of search word input patterns and user intentions
    • It analyzes search word patterns to search business types, regions and names in the best way possible.

  • Analysis of preferred search patterns
    • It analyzes a userí»s favorite search patterns, such as frequently used business types and frequently searched regions, automatically changing the UI and sorting the search results.
    • It offers the results best suited to user preferences, minimizing superfluous screen touches and sorting to improve the speed and efficiency of the search function.

  • Intelligent UI
    • Better UI user settings
    • An optimal customized UI is created for individual users based on analyzing and reflecting their patterns of use. (The more you use the product, the more the UI and menu configuration will adapt to suit your preferences.)

  • Interactive UI
    • When an exception occurs, the user is provided with an interactive interface.
    • The organic nature of the communication between the system and the user makes it possible to provide a customized screen that perfectly reflects the userí»s intentions.

í▄ ROUSEN R2 Screenshots


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