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What is Pocketnavi SKY ?

Pocketnavi SKY is PDA-based navigation software for aviation, using GPS. Light aircraft pilots and those who enjoy sports such as hang-gliding and paragliding, but do not have much expertise or knowledge of navigation systems, can easily learn to use it and check their location and flight information.

Pocketnavi SKY Key Featues

  • Detailed ground information
    • Unlike existing navigation systems for aviation, this is based on a car navigation system. Hence it contains detailed information on all roads, rivers, lakes and main buildings in Korea.

  • Various convenient functions
    • Pocketnavi SKY provides not only information on bearings for safe flying, but also supplementary information about the sun and the moon, time, longitude, latitude, altitude and speed.
    • As it provides information on prohibited areas, restricted areas, danger zones and airports, it is very helpful to entry-level pilots.

  • Search function
    • For user convenience Pocketnavi SKY provides 5 search functions - for addresses, names, registered places, longitude and latitude, and frequency.

Pocketnavi SKY Screenshots

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