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TPEG provides an audio/video service and real-time travel and traffic information essential for drivers. Terrestrial DMB broadcasters use a transmission protocol called TPEG (Transport Protocol Expert Group) to send this information to data channels.
The TPEG service provides road traffic messages linked to customer location, and comparative traffic information about the roads ahead of the driver, as well as real-time traffic information, which is updated every 5 minutes, to offer a more dynamic traffic information service. On top of this, it transmits useful information such as recommended restaurants, travel information and real-time news to the navigation software.


  • Advantages of the TPEG service
    • Driver-oriented service: The driver-oriented integrated services provide not only simple road traffic information by section, but also basic map, accident, event, and news information.
    • Additional devices are not necessary: the TPEG service does not depend on any additional devices. You just need to buy a DMB terminal to make use of the service that comes with it.
    • Simple update of danger zones : Without the need to take it out of the car to install safety information ? for example on speed surveillance cameras, which change very frequently - the TPEG service conveniently allows you to update such information on a real-time basis.

  • Display of real-time traffic information
    • It displays traffic information received on a real-time basis in different colors on the ROUSEN map screen, so that you can check the current traffic information at a glance.

  • Using traffic information to search routes
    • You can take advantage of a route search service that reflects real-time traffic information.

  • Simple map service
    • It allows you to check information on the congestion of main downtown roads, and traffic information on national highways by section on a simple map.

  • Traffic information on accidents and construction
    • It provides information on roads, traffic accidents in surrounding areas, events/gatherings, road construction and road blocks on a real-time basis so that you can make a detour to avoid the relevant section.

  • Search by theme
    • It provides a POI service, such as real-time TV-recommended restaurants and other recommended travel destinations. Information on a total of 15 theme categories, such as automobiles, leisure/tourism and lodging, will enhance your driving experience.

ROUSEN TPEG Screenshots

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