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Rousen Multi-language is the navigation software for the use in Korea with the multi-lingual support in English, Chinese, Japanese, and of course, Korean.
Mr. Lee Joon-Pyo, CEO .. 06-03
Citus holds a Rousen U.. 06-03
Citus is heading full .. 06-03
Citus opens 15 A/S cen.. 06-03
Citus ˇ°exports navigat.. 06-03
ROUSEN R2 is the first
navigation software to incorporate an artificial intelligence engine. It features an artificial...

ROUSEN ezWings is a new product created by combining
ezWings, which is the navigation brand for notebooks with ROUSEN...

Pocketnavi SKY is PDA- based navigation software for aviation, using GPS. Light aircraft pilots and those who enjoy sports such as...
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